Brown Traces Ancestral Roots to Angola

Anthony Brown will make a goodwill tour to Angola in the summer of 2013. As a result of his recent DNA testing he has discovered that his ancestral roots are in the African country of Angola. Angola is a country that had been colonized for four centuries. The colonial history of Angola began in 1575 when the Portguese conquered the country and its people. It was not until 1975 when Angola secured its independence.

From 1580 to the 1820’s  over a million people were exported from Angola as slaves to the “new world”  including South and North America as well as the Caribbean islands. The four hundred year history of Portuguese oppression coupled with a long standing civil war (1975-2012)  has taken a huge toll on the country.

Anthony Brown has been invited to Angola by ShareCircle a U.S. based organization whose mission  it is to partner with Angolans to promote sustainable social and economic development through education, health distribution, and employment assistance. His visit is intended to inspire hope, create goodwill, and educate north Americans about the needs of the country.

On October 20, Brown will travel to Chicago to participate in a fund raiser for ShareCircle. Guerra Freitas Executive director of Share Circle lives in Chicago but is from Angola. He has a deep commitment to the people of Angola. He recently has been given 12 square miles of land by the Angolan government to build a university in central Angola. Mr Freitas is hoping to create a documentary highlighting Brown’s return to his ancestral home and the ShareCircle organization.