Peacing It Together Foundation

ANTHONY BROWN – Executive Director

Anthony Brown is an internationally acclaimed singer, peace ambassador, interpreter of the African American Spiritual and citizen of the world. His music has taken him to war torn areas in the world where he has used this music to bring hope and healing into areas of despair and strife. He uses the power of music to bring people together across the divides of race, religion, nationality, ethnicity and culture. He understands that music speaks the universal language of the heart and he uses it to bring people together around their common humanity.

He is the founder and Director of Peacing It Together Foundation. This not for profit organization promotes peace and justice through music and the spoken word.

As an African American he has experienced the bitter reality of racism and indifference as he has navigated between life in black and white America. His music calls forth the wisdom of the ancestors who creatively used music to transcend their difficulties. He connects their wisdom to our present troubles and invites his listeners to join the movement for justice, freedom and peace.

Anthony’s music has taken him to such places as Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Ethiopia, China, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Moldova, Colombia, Vietnam and Uganda. He also performs extensively in North America.

While in Uganda in 2006 he laid the cornerstone for the Anthony Brown Baritone Comprehensive School which now educates formally abducted child soldiers.

Anthony often performs with other accomplished singers to present his concerts of spirituals and to tell the story of freedom on the underground railroad.

In addition he performs concerts which focus on peace and justice.

He performs in schools, churches and performing arts centers. His concerts not only inspire hope, but also inspire involvement for change in creating a more just and humane world.