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Greetings from Hanoi!

I arrived here on August 7 and have been attending a conference to mark the 50 anniversary of the spraying of Agent Orange in Vietnam. There have been many excellent speakers and panels. I will be reporting about this important issue in more detail in the next few days.

When I came out of the hotel on my first morning. I saw this lady who sat across the street from the hotel. Old world and new world meet each other here in Haniol. this city’s population is 9 million and is the capitol of Vietnam.


Vietnamese online daily news , , on Brown’s visit to victims of Agent Orange in Quang Ngai province, central part of Vietnam:


American singer pain sympathetic victims of Agent Orange

Image of disabled children – victims of Agent Orange that black singer Anthony H. Brown did not stop crying during a visit to victims of Agent Orange in Quang Ngai morning.

Anthony hands clasped H. Brown, Mr. Phan Thanh Long, chairman of Victims of Agent Orange / Dioxin in Quang Ngai said: “It’s time to let us together to close the past trauma, life towards peace per, share the pain as a result Orange wartime heavy. The journey seeking justice for victims of Agent Orange, we need a sympathetic American friends such as loving-kindness rich he. ”

Brimming emotion, Mr. Long tells the story of a U.S. veterans participated in the war in Vietnam with his new daughter back home to visit Quang Ngai to 3 days. “It was heartbreaking when he saw the daughter of U.S. veterans of war also brings heavy sequelae. Do not hold back the emotion, we embraced one another cry,” Mr. Long said.

Visits and gifts to families with children are victims of Agent Orange in Quang Ngai, singer Anthoney H. Brown tormented, haunted calming wisdom of children with disabilities have suffered severe consequences due to sequelae of war competition left. “I was deeply moved, impressed by the suffering, deprivation of the victim. On his return I will tell the American public to understand, hands to share the pain from which to speak out for justice fight for Victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam, “the singer confesses

According to statistics, Vietnam has about 4.8 million people were exposed to Agent Orange, which has about 3 million victims of Agent Orange. T

Last week, singer Anthony H. Brown has been performing music in Ha Noi in the 50th anniversary of the disaster on Orange in Vietnam (10/8/1961-10/8/2011). He is also active with the board and responsible relief for victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam at the U.S. mission to the actual exchange, music, gifts for Agent Orange victims in Danang.