Peacing It Together Foundation

Our Mission

“Peacing It Together Foundation seeks to serve the global community as a resource and catalyst for the work of peace and social justice, using music and the spoken word to uplift areas of despair to hope.”

We carry out this MISSION using the following operating principles:

* We embrace the concept of inner peace affirming that peace begins within one’s soul and is  extended to the other.

* We base our activities on universal spiritual foundations of peace and justice.

* We give priority to working with communities in their mission of peace and social justice activities worldwide.

* We emphasize connectedness across generations and culture, along with the dignity and rights of people who are socially, politically or economically disadvantaged.

* We give priority to strategies that enable people to realize and act on their own power.

* We seek to connect to the pain of others and do social action that includes both the private, personal commitments to justice and also public, communal and institutional commitments to justice.